15th International Safe Secure Pakistan Conference
March 2020
Pak China Friendship Center Islamabad

THEME: “Highlighting Innovations in Safety & Security”

Conference Overview:

Secure systems have been an integral part of defense and security. Unauthorized network and internet access is the serious threat for not only the IT industry but overall every industry. Cyber security issues and latest tools and techniques in the dissemination of information will be discussed in this particular area of conference. The conference will also cover the subject of security surveillance and other latest technological advance equipment’s related to security and their importance for safer workplace. Fire and industrial safety is another important issue as we have witnessed many incidents related to fire in the buildings and factories. This is a serious issue and needs attention as well as precautions. Fire awareness and evacuation training is extremely important for the workplace people. This edition of Safe Secure Pakistan Conference will highlight the important issue of fire safety & security awareness and precautionary measures.

Safe Secure Conference serves as not only a business networking place but more importantly as a crucial knowledge-sharing platform that strengthen the competence and ability of both public and private sector workforces. The Conference will also create awareness about coping with pre and post security challenges related to people, property and assets.

For further details Kindly Contact:

Mazher Hussain
Sr. Conference Executive