Safe Secure Pakistan Conference
    08th March 2017
    Pak-China Friendship Centre Islamabad

    Internet of Things (IoT)
    Security Issues Tackled with Advance Systems

    We have been fascinated with gadgets that function on a grander scale for decades but it is only been in the past several years that we have seen the true potential of IoT. The concept evolved as wireless Internet became more pervasive, embedded sensors grew in sophistication and people began understanding that technology could be a personal tool as well as a professional one. The Internet of Things is the future of technology that can make our lives more efficient.

    This year Safe Secure Pakistan Conference will highlight the most innovative advancements in technologies which are affecting IoT. There will be case studies and dedicated tracks covering the entire IoT ecosystem including Smart Cities, Connected Living, Wearable, Developing & IoT Technologies, Connected Industry, Connected Services and Data & Security.

    The Conference will further provide interaction between the eminent professionals, top international speakers and leading companies to better position themselves in the ever-changing security marketplace.

    Scope of the Conference:
    We welcome all the potential speakers to present their papers and submit their topics of interest from the list provided below; we are also open to accept new topics which may be deemed appropriate with the theme of the conference and suggested by you.

    Areas to be Covered:

    - Disaster & Emergency; Preparedness, Mitigation, Risk Reduction, Relief and Rehabilitation

    - Detection and remediation of security breaches

    - Fire & Safety Protection for protected Environment

    The detailed "Call for Papers" will be uploaded soon. For further queries please contact:

    Mr. Mazher Hussain 



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